How Do Ghost Producers Make Money?

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How Do Ghost Producers Make Money?

Many our readers are interested in this topic. So, in today’s article we have got in touch with Vered Anatolii – an owner and an establisher of a Ghost Production website “I am Ghost Producer”, who will answer our questions.

Hello, Anatolii. Please, tell us how do Ghost Producers earn money?
“Hello. Right from the start, it’s possible to say that there’re 6 ways that help Ghost Producers earn money on our service. The first way. They publish their tracks on sale in our online shop and wait until their track is sold.”

How much time does it take to sell a track on average?
“It’s quite difficult to say for sure. Sometimes it happens that a track may be sold right in the day of publication, and sometimes it takes a week, a month, or even longer. Besides that, there’re tracks that cannot be sold for a long time. But we don’t stop showing and offering them to the clients. And when such a track is sold, everyone remains satisfied. Especially, a producer who has already lost faith that the track will be purchased. And when they receive a letter with such words: ‘Congratulations! Your track has been sold’, they are immensely glad, and the majority of them say they feel happy.”

Nice! Shall we proceed to the other source of income?
“The second method is when Ghost Producers create tracks on order (Custom). For example, if we get an order on a track creation, we choose a producer working in this very genre that is interesting to a customer. Then the details are discussed, and after that, the producer starts composing.”

And how do you choose a Ghost Producer who fits most?
“We take into consideration a style a producer works in, check the quality and ideas of his tracks. It’s much better when the ideas and style coincide with the references (examples) of a client. And, surely, we pay attention to the producer’s behavior in various situations.”

For example?
“For instance, if it happens that a client asks to make some minor changes in the track, and the producer doesn’t want to do that or refuses. We understand that we may lose a client. Eventually, we may not continue working with this producer when it comes to these tasks.”

Okay. What are the other sources of income Ghost Producers have?
“The third method is receiving orders from our service on making remixes. On our website, we’ve got an option of making a remix of a track. When a client offers a remix, we pass this order to a Ghost Producer who completes it. The fourth one. Ghost Producers make Mixing and Mastering. Although there aren’t many orders like that, still we’ve got them from time to time. The fifth method. Those Ghost Producers who work with a service for a long time may be also engaged in different kinds of work. Actually, the number of work is huge. The producer may listen to the samples, or do some other work with papers. If they do that, producers receive some extra salary. The sixth source takes time very seldom. However, we should describe it as well. Ghost Producers can also get money by selling their tracks at a lower price (this usually happens when they urgently need money). We should say that this is quite a risky step for a company because we send the money for the music but have no warranty that the tracks will be sold at all. If such a deal has been there, we send the funds to the producer, formalize everything on our own and publish the tracks on the site.

It’s really interesting. And what should Ghost Producers reading us and willing to start cooperating with you do?
“To start cooperation with us isn’t difficult. Go to our website, find a section that is called ‘Become a Ghost Producer’. After that, you’ll see a small application form in which you need to type your name, e-mail, and other contact info. We’ll also ask you to provide us with a link to a musical service with the possibility of downloading your track. When everything is filled-in, send it to us. It usually takes us a day to listen to your track and evaluate whether it may be successful for selling.”

Thank you so much for answering our questions, Anatolii!
“Thank you, too. It was a fabulous experience.”

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