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iFeature Unleashes A Self-Made Musical Masterpiece With ‘Told Myself’!

Just 9 months into the year and iFeature has already made it his best yet. Following on from 2021 and 2022, where he would have 10 and 8 releases respectively, the German artist offers up his 11 release of the year titled \’Told Myself\’.

With a high amount of releases each year since 2017, the quality of each release has only seem to gone up. iFeature has created a massive catalog of music that has incorporated almost all genres and styles within the dance music world, leading to the German gaining a loyal following in the process.

With each and every release, iFeature showcases a fresh and innovative approach to his productions, with a heavy emphasis put on injecting his feeling and thoughts into each sound, along with delivering lyrics with incredible vocal performances.

\’Told Myself\’ is a genre-blurring revelation, seamlessly combining elements of drum & bass, hip hop, rap, and rock pop, showcasing iFeature\’s unparalleled musical versatility. With a BPM of 174 and residing in the key of C Minor, the track pulsates with energy while evoking a wide range of emotions, from uplifting and aggressive to dark and introspective. This self-made masterpiece features a captivating array of instruments, male vocals, bass guitar, electric guitars, drums, percussion, and synths. iFeature\’s balanced emotional profile and medium emotional dynamics ensure that \’Told Myself\’ strikes a harmonious chord with listeners, allowing them to connect with the artist on a deeply personal level. The track\’s poignant lyrics delve into the complexities of life, as reflected in lines like \”I\’ve told myself I want to die, but I know it would be the end.\” These emotionally charged words are sure to resonate with audiences who have grappled with their own inner demons.

Not only in the creation of the single, but the track\’s self-made cover art, lyrics, production, mixing, mastering, vocal recording, promotion, music video, editing, and social media promotion are all testaments to iFeature\’s passion and dedication.

Stream this single below.

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