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ILLUZIONS Kickstart 2023 With New Single ‘Heaven Takes You Home’!

A project launched last year by Felium and Bayla G, ILLUZIONS couldn’t have made a better first impression for their debut year. Their first single, ‘Heartbeat’, turned a lot of heads and set expectations for this duo sky high. They would then follow this one with another awesome single in the form of ‘In Love’. Now with their debut year behind them, ILLUZIONS are back and they kickstart 2023 in an epic way with their version of the Swedish House Mafia hit ‘Heaven Takes You Home’.

After hearing the original single when it was released by the Swedes last year, ILLUZIONS knew instantly they wanted to bring their own version out and they have knocked it out of the park. Keeping most of the melodic vibe along with Bayla G delivering a tremendous vocal performance, this single brings a slightly popier tone while also staying true to its dancefloor flavor. The playful and catchy synths throughout the single add another sense of memorability and infectiousness, resulting in this single being amazing all round.

Stream this single below.

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