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ILLUZIONS Unveil Another Stunning Single With ‘Back & Forth’!

Having already brought us two amazing releases this year in the form of ‘Heaven Takes You Home’ and the VIP mix of ‘Heartbeat’, newly formed duo ILLUZIONS are showing no signs of slowing down, unveiling their brand new single titled ‘Back & Forth’, a single taken from their upcoming EP ‘Unsound Desires’.

The duo of ILLUZIONS, which consists of Bayla G and Felium, was formed in 2022 and made a mark on the dance music scene instantly with the release of ‘Heartbeat’. Several releases later and this duo has firmly cemented themselves as one of the brightest acts in the electronic pop space. For their latest single, the duo deliver once again to add the stunning single ‘Back & Forth’ to their ever-growing catalog.

For this one, the duo mix hypnotic beats with silky and melodic leads, creating an addictive single that you’ll have on repeat for hours, days, and weeks to come. ‘Back & Forth’ conceives a magnetic environment filled with both intensity and beauty. The fast-paced yet melancholic feel of ‘Back & Forth’ sets the tone for the future conceptual EP, while only exploring a small portion of
the abstract storyline. This dance-inducing track is heavily influenced by the melodic house genre, making it the perfect track for those long night drives and 4am afterparties.

Stream this single below.

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