Incredible Progressive Release From Duo HALL!

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Incredible Progressive Release From Duo HALL!

Lewis and Bradley, better know as the duo HALL have been slowly grinding behind the scenes to give us some awesome music on Ensis Records and Arise Records, such as ‘Make The Crowd Go’ and ‘Olympia’. They are back again to treat us to yet another solid progressive production with ‘Avalon’ on Arise Records

HALL have described their latest track ‘Avalon’  “as a coming out party and a set up for 2019 to be a big year, it’s a perfect indicator of our style, blending classic prog with fresh groove”. We can see why they feel this is going to be their next big hit as it is a great production. With a constant sense of suspense through out the track, it pulls you in and once each drop hits you feel a sense of relieve while it takes you to that energetic uplifting place. ‘Avalon’ is the perfect track to start a party, or end it. 

You can check out the single on Spotify below.

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