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INGRID And MaYen Link Up For Addictive And Moving Pop-Dance Single ‘HABITUDES (I Can’t Get Out)’!

Certainly delivering the catchy, addictive, and dancey vibes, INGRID and MaYen link up for the first time and they do not disappoint as they deliver in style with ‘HABITUDES (I Can’t Get Out)’. A single steeped in infectious tones and sultry notes while being underlaid with a groovy and flowing instrumental, just like the title suggests, you won’t be able to get this one out of your head.

Previously working and releasing music within a number of different genres, Norwegian artist INGRID has once again steps out of her comfort zone as she links up with fellow Norwegian-born production duo MaYen for this dance single. MaYen, compromised of Mads Greni Arnesen and Eirik Gjertsen Norbye, have been producing music since 2017 with this single being their first official release under their collective name.

‘HABITUDES (I Can’t Get Out)’ is a deep house track blended with pop influences as MaYen takes the groove and vibe from deep house and pair it with the catchy lyrics and elegant vocal work of INGRID. Makign the single relatable for its listeners, this one is about how it can be difficult to make changes to something that you have become so used to having it that way. A spectacular collab, INGRID adds another brilliant single to her catalog while MaYen make an amazing debut in the scene.

Stream this single below and on all other streaming platforms here.

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