Italian Duo VINAI Returns With Powerful Vocal House Tune ‘Touch’!

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Italian Duo VINAI Returns With Powerful Vocal House Tune ‘Touch’!

Worldwide acclaimed Italian DJ/producer duo VINAI has released its much anticipated new single ‘Touch’. Using their famed production style, grounded in strong big room chords and triplet rhythms, the record brings out a lighter side with enticing vocals and addictive singalong chorus. It’s a song to lift the mood, delivered by one of dance music’s seasoned specialists – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

VINAI just keeps on moving. After receiving widespread attention in the mid 10’s with a series of international big room festival hits, the two brothers from Brescia, Italy, made a stunning comeback last year at Spinnin’ Records (their trusted home label during their rise to fame), releasing the popular single ‘Rise Up’. The track turned into a smash hit, counting over 84 million Spotify streams alone, while the lyric video on Youtube has reached 46 million views by now.

Following this, the Italian duo kept delivering popular music with fresh sounding tunes like ‘On N On’, the Afrojack featured ‘Up All Night’ and their feelgood Kiss tribute ‘I Was Made’, together with French dance specialist Le Pedre.

Already going strong since entering the scene in 2011, VINAI aims to evolve its sound, maintaining a bass-heavy and melodic approach while also incorporating more vocals and pop styled arrangements. And now, they are back for their first 2021 release on Spinnin’ Records – the success story continues.

‘Touch’ is the perfect example of VINAI’s evolution. Building on the song based approach from their recent singles, the record nicely blends their beats and rhythms with warm vocals and poppy hooks. Building momentum with enticing vocal lines and moody synth chords, the record drops into a triplet inspired beat, taken to pop grounds with a highly addictive singalong chorus.

Known to deliver powerful dance tunes, the VINAI brothers break out with something more delicate this time, while using every inch of their studio experience. You feel the effort that’s gone into the production, with heavy bass chords, dark sound effects and pitched vocals in the background, and clubby piano chords providing some air in between the beats. It’s a true touch of VINAI, transformed into a tasty pop song that’s sure to keep their audience longing for more.

Stream all the biggest future house tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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