J-Rob MD Unleashes Incredibly Groovy Number ‘Feels Like This’!

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J-Rob MD Unleashes Incredibly Groovy Number ‘Feels Like This’!

“Sometimes it’s easy to classify my music, sometimes it’s not.” And that’s just the way J-Rob MD likes it. “I’ve always been more concerned about making great music than anything else.” Drawing inspiration from all corners of the electronic music universe, J-Rob MD’s slick blend of genre-bending dance music is sure to keep you guessing. “If you really spend the time to find it, there’s so much great dance music out there… So when I sit down in the studio, I just like to go where the vibe takes me.” And that vibe has led to a fast rise through the scene, finding J-Rob MD’s music supported by radio stations and DJ’s across the globe. J-Rob MD’s passionate dedication to the craft of writing great dance music is sure to keep his songs on dance floors around the world.

After releasing the impressive ‘Feel This Love’, ‘Until You Speak’, and ‘The One’, J-Rob MD closed out 2020 on a high with the incredibly groovy number ‘Feels Like This’. ‘Feels Like This’ keeps that genre-bending style that we’ve come to love from the American artist. He utilizes an ever present groovy basslines and combines it with rhytmic drum loops and a memorable vocal sample that is sure to stay in your mind for hours. Moving in and out of main sections with ease, this single is sure to control any crowd and get the party started in the right way.

Stream this single below.

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