Jace Mek – Returns To Insomniac’s House-Centric Label IN/ROTATION With ‘Groovinator 5000’!

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Jace Mek – Returns To Insomniac’s House-Centric Label IN/ROTATION With ‘Groovinator 5000’!

Jace Mek returns to IN / ROTATION with his first-ever standalone single, which arrives in the form of his latest number, ‘Groovinator 5000’. In an age where the musical landscape has become littered with cookie-cutter sounds, Jace Mek has proven himself to be an aural diamond in the rough. Based out of Los Angeles, the extremely versatile artist—born Cesar Jauregui—has veered off far from the formulaic monotony to embrace a style that is propped up by his background as a drummer. His output has been characterized as unconventional, which can only be seen as a bragging right for a producer who goes out of his way to create eccentric and quirky grooves. While he’s previously made a couple of appearances on Insomniac’s house-centric label, with the extraterrestrial club collab ‘Trebuchet’ alongside Astronomar and the wonky as-all-hell release ‘Why’ with Wongo, his own standalone single has been a long time coming.

His first solo single takes the shape of “Groovinator 5000,” a punchy and humming beast of a tech house track. In typical Jace Mek fashion, the vibe is hard to categorize. He kicks things off a hissing hat and crispy snare combo that works around a string of two-toned bleeps underscoring an obscure vocal sample foreshadowing the impending wackiness with the words “when the sound system drops the bass, you can feel it from your feet… right up to your belly.” Once those last words hit, modulating lines worm their way through a robust rolling bassline and off kilter stabs and hums that color the number with his singular style. His skills as a tried-and-true percussionist make the entire affair all the better, as he carefully maneuvers through complex drum patterns to keep the rhythm swinging on a swivel.

“This track embodies anything and everything groovy,” says Jace Mek. “To keep people on their feet was my intention for this song.”

He’s accomplished that and so much more with his newest concoction. But there was never any room for doubt, seeing as how reliable his reputation has been over the years for the most exciting camps crushing it in modern-day house music. Since first bursting out onto the scene in 2014, his unique take on four-on-the-floor shakers has touched a slew of cutting-edge imprints from the likes of Mad Decent, Confession, Sweat It Out! Music, Confession, Night Bass and so much more. Tastemakers from around the globe have also taken notice, garnering support from Dog Blood, Tchami, Hardwell, Habstrakt, Porter Robinson, A-trak, and others. And the insanely inventive nature of Jace Mek manifests itself once more on “Groovinator 5000,”

Stream all your favorite tech house tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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