JackEL, RV3RS, And Zaddy Babby Combine To Give Us The Awesome ‘Do It Again’!

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JackEL, RV3RS, And Zaddy Babby Combine To Give Us The Awesome ‘Do It Again’!

JackEL has been impressing us for several years now with his innovative and diverse production style. He always opens his mind to a multitude of different sounds and styles, resulting in releases under the trap, deep house, electro house, future bass, and more. The Canadian artist really took it to the next level in 2020, releasing a total of 22 new tracks for us to enjoy. Now ready to take on 2021 with that same mindset, JackEL opens up his year with ‘Do It Again’ alongside RV3RS and Zaddy Babby.

RV3RS is no stranger to working alongside JackEL, having released ‘Rootz’ in 2017, ‘Run With The Bass’ in 2018, ‘Love Me’, ‘Good Days’, and ‘Booty Girl’ in 2019, and most recently ‘Pain’ in 2020, With this sort of history and experience together, it’s no surpise that when they come together they make magic. No working alongside Zaddy Babby for the first time, 2021 kicks off with the right tone.

Originally starting out as a straight-up hip hop production, ‘Do It Again’ quickly turned into a future bass anthem when the duo got hold of the single and created the drops. With the single originally being within the hip hop genre, you can hear those influences in parts and then future bass influences blending in with those. Perfect synth work combined with memorable vocal work makes this a killer new single, available for free!

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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