One Jenda Brings The Groove With New Single ‘Let the Bassline Get Ya’!

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One Jenda Brings The Groove With New Single ‘Let the Bassline Get Ya’!

One Jenda‘s newest release ‘Let the Bassline Get Ya’ is certainly making waves in the tech house scene. The track has been gaining huge traction across media platforms, with tons of tech lovers saving it to their spotify playlists, it will be hard not to hear it!

The UK producer, DJ, Songwriter’s first release ‘Take Me To the Top’ setting his foundation, ‘Let the Bassline Get Ya’ stands strong driving a low bassline to crunch through any speakers and minimal synths to breath air. The song keeps building up from start to finish making the second drop even more intriguing! With plenty of swing in the groove, be prepared to wear a face mask over your ears because the bassline will definitely “Get Ya”.

One Jenda, also known as Luke Williams, has made sure that no matter the venue, the party, the crowd… he will always play as if it’s the biggest audience in the world and treat every experience as if it was his last. Luke‘s music (mainly house orientated) samples vocal cuts from all types of records, combining outrageous comedy lyrics and bouncy basslines to his deep side, which takes you on a musical journey even after the chorus! In simple… “I want you to move your body, shake your ass, and cry in happiness all at the same time”.

People always ask; why have you called yourself One Jenda? “well… music can be listened to anywhere by anyone, our planet has always divided us by gender, ethnicity, religion, etc, but always fails. I wanted to represent that no matter where you come from or who you are, all forms of life can enjoy my music and stop taking everything so seriously. We look so deep, criticize every little thing that we forget to just be in the present moment and enjoy things for what they are. I have always said.. Stop seeking the answer of life, there’s only one reason and that’s to be happy”One Jenda  

Stream this single below.

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