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Jake Silva Makes Revealed Recordings Debut With ‘Back To Me’ Alongside Alexander Cruel & Ferrigno!

Very few artists have made their mark on the dance music scene quite as instantly as Jake Silva. He made his debut at the start of this year with the release of ‘Need You Back’ and has went from strength to strength since then. He would follow up his debut single with the release of another two tracks, ‘Dance’ and ‘Every Little Thing’, both being wonderful additions to his quickly growing catalog. These three singles combined have amassed over 400 thousand streams and Jake Silva is showing no signs of slowing down as he appears on our new music feed once again with ‘Back To Me’ alongside Alexander Cruel and Ferrigno!

His debut release on Revealed Recordings‘ sub division label of Gemstone Records, ‘Back To Me’ is a tremendous vocal drive melodic single that brings both a catchy and powerful flavor. All three artists unite seamlessly to bring their own styles and ideas into this production and the end results is out of this world with gripping melodies, infectious vocals, gripping hooks, and the perfect tempo all coming together in unison.

Stream this single below.

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