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Jako Speaks With Us About All Of His Plans & Goals For 2023!

A new year comes with new ambitions, resolutions, and projects. 2023 arrived and Jako is ready to share what she has in store for the coming months. We sat down with her to talk more about what her plans are for the new year.

Hey, 2023 is here and we’d like to know what are your hopes for this year regarding your music career?
I really want to get my songs out on more labels. Obviously more DJ bookings. Absolutely want get my songs out though, to build the brand.

What are your top 3 resolutions for this new year?
Manage my time better, journal more often, scratch more in my DJ sets.

Do you have any releases in the pipelines for the upcoming months?
Not yet. But I got plenty of ammunition.

If you could pick any event, any stage, any place: where would you like to perform in 2023?
EDC Las Vegas. On an art car.

And following on from that, if the world was your oyster for selection, who would you like to collaborate with this new year?
Kyle Watson.

Are there any new hobbies or activities you’d like to try in 2023?
More hiking.

Are there any new skills or new gear that you’d like to implement to your studio in 2023?
A Moog grandmother!

From a production standpoint, what would you say is the number one area you would like/need to invest time into in order to develop your production level?
Work more with my synths.

Any new genres you’d like to explore next year?
Ooh maybe toss in a little Reggae in a House tack??

New sub-genres come and go into fashion every year, what are your predictions for 2023?
There’s so many sub-genres this year, so I would say not sure.

Besides yourself, which artists or labels should people follow this year?
My friends On Deck, Skemaddox, and JACZ.

Make a prediction for 2023 about the world or music and we’ll try and catch you this time next year to see if it came true!
My answer would be too long.

Do you have a message for your followers for new year?
Keep on the look out for Jako.

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