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Janieck Delivers His New Single ‘How (Do I Love You)’!

Best known for delivering feelgood pop music, this time Dutch singer-songwriter Janieck (1994) strikes a more melancholic, moody and contemporary note with his new single ‘How (Do I Love You)’.

“I hope this record will bring comfort and a moment of hope in these times where every spark of positivity is needed. ‘How (Do I Love You)’ was written in a totally different situation then today, but here we are, and the meaning of the song stays the same. Actually, it seems even more fitting. People aren’t able or allowed to visit their loved ones. Everyone is trying to show their gratitude towards others in ways that never occurred to them before. We became so vulnerable and yet so strong. Collectivity is better than ever. How do I love you is a question we perhaps should ask more” says Janieck.

In 2019 Janieck dropped his vocals on the notorious hit ‘Narcotic’, a cover of the famous 90’s hit by Liquido that was lyrically adapted by Janieck for the 2019 release. Together with the artists Younotus and Senex, ‘Narcotic’ now counts over 75 million streams, and in 2019 peaked at #2 on Germany’s Radio Airplay Chart.

Janieck’s first original release of 2020 titled ‘How (Do I Love You)’ marks his return to his more traditional and somewhat atmospheric songwriting, reminiscent of his former hit ‘Feel the Love’, this time again coupled with his characteristically moody vocal delivery. ‘How (Do I Love You)’ is the song of an artist looking for answers, sharing his doubts with everyone who feels the same in the uncertain times that seem to dominate our world right now.

Stream this single below.

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