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Jauz Announces New Album ‘Wrath of the Wicked’ And Unveils Hard-Hitting Single ‘Mind Control’!

Fans can prepare to take an electrifying journey as Jauz releases the first taste of his newly-announced album. Coinciding with the surprise announcement of his second album this year, ‘Mind Control’ is a tantalizing glimpse into the adventure that awaits. Unlike his previous house-forward ‘Rise of the Wise’ album, the second installment of this two-part series, ‘Wrath of the Wicked’, is an unparalleled fusion of drum-and-bass and dubstep energy. Relating to Jauz’s staple sound, the album is slated for release on September 22nd. The project also unveils an all-new tour concept in which Jauz fans can choose from either of his Wise vs. Wicked performance dates. Out August 25th via Jauz’s imprint Bite This!, ‘Mind Control’ not only delivers the LA-based artist’s signature style but also showcases a new evolution of his production.

Jauz’s exciting two-part project celebrates the five-year anniversary of his debut album, ‘The Wise and the Wicked’, marking a significant milestone in the producer’s musical journey. Featuring a slew of collaborators such as DJ Snake, Kiiara, Krewella, DUCKY, and more, TWATW reached #1 on iTunes in just 90 minutes back in 2018. Fast forward to 2023, Jauz’s two-part album series hosts all-original tracks that showcase the dichotomy of Jauz as a producer. The first installment, ‘Rise of the Wise’, brought eight tracks geared towards melodic, progressive, and house-fueled sounds. The new ‘Wrath of the Wicked’ installment was curated “exclusively for the fans” who continue to champion his bass-laden releases today. The two albums are polar opposites; with the WOTW album highlighting elements of dubstep and drum n’ bass with a darker twist that is comparable to the OG sound which fans first came to love. 

The dual album concept originates from the internal struggle that Jauz has faced as a human being and an artist, who initially rose to fame with bass house classics such as ‘Feel the Volume’ in 2014. In the artistic landscape today, it seems that many want to be the jack-of-all-trades, but masters of none. With his extremely collaboration-heavy debut album, this project pushed Jauz to challenge himself to hone in on different subgenres and be as all-original as possible; marking a sign of growth and trust in himself as a producer. Wanting the ethos of each album to be at the forefront of the message and a reflection of who “Jauz” really is, the producer stresses that every track will still include elements of his signature style. 

Celebrated for his genre-defying approach, innovative productions, and unparalleled ability to captivate audiences, Jauz continues to lead the charge in reshaping the electronic music landscape. ‘Mind Control’ is more than a dubstep track; it’s a captivating exploration of sound that defies convention. With pulsating basslines, intricate synth arrangements, and masterful use of drops and builds, Jauz transports listeners to a realm that blends innovation and familiarity. 

“If my last album (Rise of the Wise) was the Yin, this one (Wrath of the Wicked) is the Yang. The whole goal behind both of these albums was to dive into the polar extremes of the sounds I’ve always made and push each direction to the limit. With this album, it was all about creating the most “heavy” version of Jauz I possibly could, which is perfectly represented by The Wicked. Even though every song on this album is dark and heavy, I think there’s still a really good spectrum of different songs on this album. Some are straight-up bangers, and some lean more into emotions, but the undertone of every record feels truly Wicked to me. I’m really excited for everyone to finally get to hear all these tracks I’ve been working on for so long and also finally get to play them out live, because a lot of them I’ve been keeping a secret for a while,” Jauz says of the project. 

Alongside the project, comes a national tour in which fans can choose to attend either a Wise or Wicked experience, or both,  allowing new fanbases to be reached and providing an opportunity for audiences to explore their own internal duality at each show. With the release of ‘Mind Control’, the forthcoming release of ‘Wrath of the Wicked’, and yet another exciting chapter still to be written- fans across the globe can expect much more from Jauz in the months to come. Tickets for the tour can be bought at

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