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Jauz Releases New Drum N’ Bass Single ‘Dreaming’!

Jauz, the stage name of Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Sam Vogel, is no stranger to pushing boundaries in electronic music. His latest offering, ‘Dreaming’ is a testament to his versatility as an artist and the second glimpse into his forthcoming September 22nd album, ‘Wrath of the Wicked’. While he’s known for his cutting-edge productions across many different electronic music sub-genres, Jauz‘s latest track takes a thrilling dive into the world of high-energy drum and bass. Out September 8th via his label Bite This!, ‘Dreaming’ is a perfect taste of the highly-anticipated album that is coming at the end of the month.

Fresh off the success of the release of ‘Mind Control’, the album’s debut single, Jauz returns to the spotlight with ‘Dreaming’. The drum-n’-bass-fueled single encapsulates the essence of Jauz‘s innovative and genre-defying approach to music production- combining rapid-fire drum patterns, pulsating basslines, and suspenseful synth melodies. Fans of Jauz have been eagerly awaiting his second album of the year, ‘Wrath of the Wicked’, and ‘Dreaming’ is a tantalizing glimpse into what promises to be one of the most exciting two-part projects of 2023. The album showcases Jauz‘s evolution as an artist, exploring diverse genres such as dubstep, drum n’ bass, and more while pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

In a recent statement, Jauz expressed his excitement about the forthcoming album and ‘Dreaming’, “If you’ve followed my career at all the past 9 years, I’ve always been a huge fan and advocate of Drum & Bass. I’ve always made it a point to play in most of my festival sets, especially the festivals where there used to be almost zero exposure to the genre at all. My goal has always been to help fans expand their horizons musically, and it’s so awesome to see Drum and Bass finally having the resurgence it deserves stateside. I’ve been holding on to this record for so long, and I’m so stoked to finally have it out in the world. This one feels really special to me, and I hope people who listen agree.”

Jauz’s two-part album series hosts all-original tracks that showcase the dichotomy of Jauz as a producer. The first installment, ‘Rise of the Wise’, brought eight tracks geared towards melodic, progressive, and house-fueled sounds whereas the new ‘Wrath of the Wicked’ installment was curated “exclusively for the fans” who continue to champion his bass-laden releases today. The two albums are polar opposites; with the WOTW album highlighting elements of dubstep and drum n’ bass with a darker twist that is comparable to the OG sound that fans first came to love. 

Alongside the project, comes a national tour in which fans can choose to attend either a Wise or Wicked experience, or both,  allowing new fanbases to be reached and providing an opportunity for audiences to explore their own internal duality at each show.  Tickets for the Wise/Wicked Tour can be bought at

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