Jet Zeith Drops A Huge Remix Of ‘Metal Disorder’ By Thomas Sgonsr & Zara Zoe!

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Jet Zeith Drops A Huge Remix Of ‘Metal Disorder’ By Thomas Sgonsr & Zara Zoe!

Ever since his debut in 2017 with ‘Dark Voices’, Jet Zeith has been slowly but surely building an impressive back catalog of releases, including the fiery singles ‘Sorcery’ and ‘In The Darkness’. With his releases over the past 4 years, Jet Zeith has firmly cemented himself as one of the brightest artists in the big room house scene and he is determined to make his mark in the industry. With 6 releases in total last year, 2020 was a momentum-building year to say the least and he is sure to build on that momentum coming into 2021 as he opens the year with a blistering remix of ‘Metal Disorder’ by Thomas Sgonsr and Zara Zoe.

The original, a addictive and fun future house production, gets completely flipped by Jet Zeith. Stubborn with his style, Jet Zeith does not disappoint as he injects the big room house dose into this single. The remix kicks off at a high tempo with subtle yet powerful synths setting the tone for proceedings. We then get introduced to the break as Peru-based producer uses the vocals from the original and lets them build towards the main hook. An uplifting melody is then introduced before he swiftly builds towards the climax. The drop hits with so much power that it is sure to get your speakers shaking. With blistering synths and hard hitting powerful low ends, this remix is a mainstage recipe for success.

Stream this remix below and grab your download here.

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