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JONN Offers Up Modern Dance Take With New Single ‘In The Air Tonight’!

When it comes to releasing a cover single, the pressure couldn’t be higher if you decide to take on an iconic single. One artist taking that pressure and brushing it to the side as he delivers a tremendous cover is JONN. Taking the original single from Phil Collins, JONN turns the single that has been a major hit since its inception in 1981, ‘In The Air Tonight’, from an emotional and vocal-driven single into an uptempo dance anthem, perfect for any DJs sets.

Creating a single that can not only kick start the party but end it on a high, JONN version of ‘In The Air Tonight’ contains all the right elements to make it a dance floor hit loved by all. With a brilliant vocal delivery, it’s in the other elements where this one truly shines as infectious synths and melodies take up the high frequencies as a groovy and rhythmic bassline carry the vibe on the low end. With all elements coming together, this one is yet another brilliant release from the talented Canadian artist JONN.

Stream this single below.

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