JONN Unveils Fantastic Remix By YNK Of His Single ‘Paradise’ ft. Mason Blu!

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JONN Unveils Fantastic Remix By YNK Of His Single ‘Paradise’ ft. Mason Blu!

Released as part of a 3-track EP at the start of 2021, ‘Paradise’ by JONN featuring Mason Blue has received a number of plaudits since February. Becoming the most-streamed single on JONN‘s Spotify, the Montreal-based artist was determined for this single to be a stand-out in his discography and decided to host a remix competition. Step in YNK, as he took the single from an upbeat yet easy listening progressive house track into a club weapon laced with future house vibes, leading to him being the overall winner.

YNK keeps some elements from the original but really puts his own stamp on it. As the original is quite an uplifting single, the German decided to keep those tones intact but he switches up the overall vibe to suit the dance floors across the world. A slight tempo increase while keeping the vocals by Mason Blue helps set the vibe and when the beat drops we are blown away. Infectious vocal effects and cuts are then introduced to add memorability while a groovy bassline keeps the rhythm moving. A magical remix, this one is sure to make you take notice of YNK.

JONN is not yet finished this year, teasing us with more releases that may be coming in the next weeks. Not only that, but the emerging artist really wants to make his dent in the Canadian music scene, having opened up his own music studio and starting his own management and record label called Blackbox. His aim is to help out young and upcoming artists by giving them a platform for their sounds.

Watch the music video below or stream on Spotify here.

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