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Jordan Cohen Brings 90s House Vibes To Beyonce’s ‘Break My Soul’ With New Remix!

While his name may not be the most familiar all across the globe, Jordan Cohen has already established himself as one of the most prominent artists on the European dance music circuit. Hailing from France, Jordan Cohen‘s music is a unique blend of genres, oscillating between house, techno, and more. Jordan Cohen has been a DJ since he was 17 and started hitting the decks in October 2010. His progress and rise have been nothing short of impressive. In May 2011, he signed his first big DJ set, a private party in Paris where he performed in front of more than 1000 people. Since then, he has played at various clubs across Paris and Saint-Tropez, including VIP ROOM, LA GIOIA, Verde Paris, Verde Beach, Le Speakeasy Paris, and Jet Ibiza, among others.

Jordan Cohen‘s latest release is a remix of Beyonce‘s house-inspired single ‘Break My Soul’, which brings back the vibes of 90s house music. The track starts with a simple, pulsing beat and gradually builds in intensity with the addition of classic house piano chords. Beyonce‘s powerful vocals take center stage and Jordan Cohen weaves them into the mix expertly. The chorus is where the remix truly shines, with a funky bassline that will make you move. Jordan Cohen‘s ability to create music that appeals to both old-school and new-school audiences is a testament to his talent. This remix is a perfect example of his ability to take something old and give it a fresh new sound that will get you dancing.

Stream this remix below.

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