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Kai Prado Launches New Project With ‘Speaker Cone’!

Kai Prado, a veteran in the music industry with over seven years of experience and a passion for dance music spanning over a decade, is poised to make a monumental impact with the launch of his latest artistic endeavor. Marking this new chapter, he releases his debut single, ‘Speaker Cone,’ under the prestigious Bass House Music label. This marks a transformative moment for Kai Prado, showcasing a fresh sound, a revamped image, and innovative ideas, all of which set an exceptionally high standard for his future work.

The debut of ‘Speaker Cone’ comes with immense pressure to deliver a flawless first impression, and Kai Prado rises to the occasion spectacularly. The Brazilian artist skillfully fuses elements of electro, bass, and tech house, resulting in a single that’s not only groovy and powerful but also instantly invigorating for any dance floor. Its combination of catchy vocals, addictive synths, and dynamic basslines encapsulates that exhilarating Friday feeling.

This is just the beginning for Kai Prado in 2024, with a ton of new music on the horizon. His remarkable debut firmly places him as an artist to watch closely, promising an exciting and innovative trajectory in the world of dance music.

Stream this single below.

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