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Karmakaio Steps Into The Limelight With Entrancing Debut ‘Where U Been’ In Collaboration With Sigurd K!

In the labyrinth of electronic beats, a new maestro emerges—Karmakaio, with his evocative debut single ‘Where U Been,’ partnered with the Norwegian artist Sigurd K, known for making infectious emotive deep dance music. This nascent release is already carving a niche with its exquisite concoction of melodic dance leads, deep house ambience, a driving breakbeat groove, and euphoric undertones, evoking the sonic imagery of eminent tracks like Bicep‘s ‘Glue’ and Tiesto‘s ‘Drifting.’ Karmakaio enters the music cosmos with a bang, etching an unforgettable, audacious first single. 

‘Where U Been’ isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a synthesis of an inventive collaboration between Karmakaio and Sigurd K on Discord, combining the entrancing vocal chops that Sigurd K is known for and the rhythmic artistry of Karmakaio in a fresh new dance anthem. The record is embellished with enchanting, ethereal vocals that glide seamlessly over the rhythmic cadence. However, the crown jewel of this track is undeniably the melodious, atmospheric synths with the stuttering rhythms accending to a climactic spotlight at the end, propelling the listener to exuberant spirit to new heights.

With support from Kerrie Cosh from BBC Introducing, describing the release as “a sign of great things to come”, Karmakaio will showcase his genre-mashing sound with future releases blending aspects of Deep House, Techno, Trance, Grime, and Breaks with a combination of mainstream and underground releases.

Every note in this release echoes meticulous craftsmanship, orchestrating musical euphoria. With a modest runtime of just above three minutes, ‘Where U Been’ is the siren call for the replay button, each closure beckoning a re-immersion into its melodious allure, making it an indispensable gem for the electronic music aficionados.

Stream this single below and on all other platforms here.

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