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Ken Bauer Reveals All About His New Brand New Remix!

Swedish DJ and music producer virtuoso, Ken Bauer has recently introduced his remix of Sean Smith’s ‘In Love With The Night’, a powerful future rave track that displays Ken Bauer’s might and signature sound. The DJ has been focused working on a series of upcoming releases, curating outstanding mixes for his weekly radio show ‘Power Hour’ and working on new projects like the development of a preset pack for Serum. We sat down with Ken Bauer to ask him more about the behind-the-scenes process of his latest release as well as what’s coming up for him.

Hi Ken, how are you?
Fine, enjoying my summer vacation.

Your remix of ‘In Love With The Night’ is out, can you tell us how this remix opportunity come about?
I was asked by the record label if I could make a radio friendly Future Rave remix together with one of the producers of the original, J-Rob MD.

What inspired this remix?
I just loved the summer vibe from the original track and the inspiration came easy as the label literally asked for the “Ken Bauer Sound”.

How did the collaboration with J-Rob MD happen?
J-Rob MD was actually the one recommending the label to reach out to me and he did a beautiful rework of the vocal adding a crowd singing in the second break adding to the overall epicness of the track.

Did you learn something new while working on this track?
I always learn something new when working a track. But honestly, I don’t remember exactly what I learned from this particular track as I produced it a while back.

Did you use any samples or new plugins?
Well, not really, but I did try out some my presets from my upcoming Future Rave preset pack for Serum as well as for Mai Tai in Studio One.

How long did it take you to get the final version of this remix?
I had a tight deadline on this one so I think it was about 2 weeks from receiving the vocal to delivery.

What would you say is the best part about remixing a song?
Not having to come up with the vocal or chord progression myself. Instead just focusing on a cool drop melody and FX.

Describe the track using only 3 words
Summer, Festival, Future Rave

What’s coming up for Ken Bauer?
I have a lot of releases planned on both my own label Future Rave Music as well as other major labels. I’m also looking forward to my two Future Rave preset packs being released after the summer.

Stream this remix below and grab your copy here.

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