Kleak & Veebu Connect With Noa Angell For Heavenly Single “Come & Go”

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Kleak & Veebu Connect With Noa Angell For Heavenly Single “Come & Go”

Fresh off the success of their latest single “Where You Are,“ Italian duo Kleak & Veebu have once again joined forces with Noa Angell to share a stunning followup with “Come & Go.” Taken from the talented duo’s forthcoming EP on Frequency Music, “Come & Go” might arguably be one of their best singles to date, a shiny, powerful and anthemic electronic-pop cut driven by stunning vocal lines, that leaves nothing more to be desired. As Kleak & Veebu explain: 

“‘Come & Go’ is a track that mirrors the journey we undergo when we shift from living within our comfort zone to suddenly being forced outside of it. Given the current state of the world, instability is a daily occurrence that we face, much like the end of a relationship. The phrase ‘thinking back on the memories’ offers a sense of nostalgia while providing hope that everything is just temporary.” 

Kleak & Veebu’s vibrant sound ranges from emotional Deep House to bouncy Future House gems, and has received attention from massive tastemakers such as Proximity, Chill Your Mind and Strange Fruits, as well as support from the likes of Lucas & Steve and Don Diablo. Dutch-Indonesian singer-songwriter Noa Angell on the other hand is consistently able to craft captivating toplines with a lot of R&B, Soul and Jazz influences, channeling her cultural experiences in her songwriting style and music. 

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