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Kodat Stuns Us With Epic New Remix Of ‘Is There Someone Else?’

Ever since he burst onto the scene with his take on ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk in 2018 and ‘Creep On Me’ by DJ Snake Gashi in 2019, Kodat has been on a roll, delivering hit after hit. His biggest milestones to date have been his debut on both Spinnin’ Records with ‘DTL (Drop That Low)’ in 2019 and Tiesto‘s Musical Freedom with ‘Take Me With You’ in 2020. He hasn’t stopped there as the ever-rising producer would go on to deliver 2 massive hits in the form of ‘Bad Idea’ and ‘La Mama De La Mama’. Now ready to make 2022 as big as the previous years, Kodat kicks off his catalog for 2022 with the amazing ‘Is There Someone Else?’.

Taking The Weeknd‘s ‘Is There Someone Else?’ and completely flipping it into what would seem to be a whole new single, Kodat showcases his production prowess and he unveils a slick and high-paced drum and bass anthem. Infused with sounds and elements from the 80s, Kodat expertly uses The Weeknd‘s and pairs them with natural-sounding elements that bring the best out of each other. The high energy gives the original single a whole new layer and with the sounds selected, you wouldn’t be shocked if this was marked as good as the original.

Stream this single below or on your favorite platform here.

Kodat is a Miami-based electronic dance DJ, producer, and songwriter. Originally from Paris, France, Kodat is known for high-energy club bangers and electrifying pop remixes including ‘Creep On Me’ by DJ Snake Gashi and ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk. Racking up thousands of global digital streams, his tracks have been played by some of the world’s biggest artists from Major Lazer to R3hab and danced to at the world’s biggest EDM festivals including Miami Music Week and EDC Las VegasKodat’s career first skyrocketed after his ‘Beat It’ (Michael Jackson) remix went viral. Within days, well-known radios, blogs, and DJs were requesting permission to feature the track. Taking a gamble, Kodat remixed more 80s and 00s hits from Madonna to Modjo and found them instantly championed by influential industry tastemakers and artists.

The French DJ first began making music in 2009, setting roots in the Parisian music scene by working in local radio and co-producing trap records with DJ Cutkiller. Soon, Kodat realized he had more to offer as an electronic dance artist and began to DJ at festivals across Europe. In 2016, inspired by the musical culture and creativity he felt every year at Miami Music WeekKodat took a leap of faith and made Miami his new home. Speaking of his drive and ability to persevere, Kodat says: “My goal is to make music that makes everyone dance. Music that can be played everywhere. I’m ready for success. This industry isn’t easy and I’ve never had a mentor to show me the way. Without my family’s support I would’ve given up a long time ago. It’s essential for me to give back to them.”

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