KSHMR And TZAR Collaborate On New Single ‘You Don’t Need To Ask’!

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KSHMR And TZAR Collaborate On New Single ‘You Don’t Need To Ask’!

Dance music titan KSHMR returns with a new single ‘You Don’t Need To Ask’ featuring Bay Area vocalist TZAR, out now on Dharma Worldwide. A majestic electronic creation, ‘You Don’t Need To Ask’ combines sublime strings, steady kick drums, and TZAR’s angelic, otherworldly vocals, delivering a track that’s equal parts graceful and captivating.

It will feature on a deluxe edition of KSHMR’s recent debut album ‘Harmonica Andromeda’, titled ‘Harmonica Andromeda Deluxe’, out later this month. Released in March to critical acclaim, the LP was described as “a beautiful gem that demonstrates how electronic soundscapes can sculpt beautiful creations for this world,” by EDM Reviewer.

KSHMR also recently launched creative side project Dreamz and debuted Dharma Studio, a new music production education platform aiming to help producers of all levels find their way in the dance music world.

Debuting his highly-anticipated album ‘Harmonica Andromeda’ back in March, it received critical acclaim and marked evolution from KSHMR’s big-room festival anthems such as ‘Secrets’, ‘Megalodon’, and ‘Wildcard’. With over 500 million streams to date and multiple chart-topping singles, KSHMR has established himself as one of the most prolific producers in dance music today. As a solo artist, he’s established an industry-leading label and brand Dharma Worldwide and headlined major festivals across the globe including Coachella, Tomorrowland, Ultra Japan, Sunburn India.

Working alongside multi-platinum producer Djemba Djemba (prod. Sia, Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber), TZAR is paving her own unique lane in the industry with her glittery, 1980s-inspired pop hits. TZAR was originally born in Moscow and later immigrated to the Bay Area when she was seven years old. Becoming a local staple in the music industry as both an artist and songwriter, TZAR has written with other high-caliber acts including KSHMR, Zed’s Dead, JOHN K, K. Flay, Promnite, Falcons, JULiA LEWiS, and Hoodboi. She is best known for featuring on KSHMR’s 2020 smash ‘Voices’, a track that has since racked up more than 9 million Spotify streams.

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