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Kyootbot Releases Sophomore Single ‘seen 7m ago’ As Part Of _spaces Duo!

_spaces is the newest hyperpop duo, consisting of Kiana, also known as kyootbot, and producer Alex, known as spacefixer. With kyootbot’s Twitch channel growing tremendously fast, she’s amassed over 260k followers, achieved affiliate status, and has only been growing since. With a satirical dating & chatting format, Kiana draws fans into her live streams and has developed an extraordinary loyal audience. Noticing the pull she has, kyoobot has expanded to other platforms and ventures – the most late in the music space. Forming the duo _spaces, kyootbot and spacefixer released their debut single ‘sad reacts only’ in September 2021. Their newest single, ‘seen 7m ago’, is their debut single of this year and their second release overall. The duo plans to roll out more music for the remainder of 2022 and continue to develop in the space of hyperpop and electronica.

The track opens with a strong synth intro and electronic glitch that immediately transports you to what feels like living in a video game. The song quickly escalates to a bouncy rhythm that you can’t help but bop your head. The instrumental elements of the track embody what Hyperpop in the digital age has become and the lyrics highlight the modern anxiety and chaos many of us face with dating and developing an emotional attachment to someone.

Stream this single below or on your favorite platform here.

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