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Level 8, JeLa & Mitch DB Deliver A Rock-Infused Dance Single With ‘Pour It’!

Ever thought you’d hear rock and slap house meet? In today’s diverse electronic world, nothing is impossible. Level 8, JeLa and Mitch DB concoct a spicy mix of electrifying guitars, stampede-like brass stabs, and speedy slap house bass lines all packaged in a stadium atmosphere reminiscent of a ‘60s rock show. ‘Pour It’ is the first collaboration between these 3 artists, who have individually built their own reputations as well-renowned artists. From Level 8 and Mitch DB’s ‘Flowers’ cover breaking 1 million streams to JeLa’s credit catalog of over 80 songs, this is a trio waiting to be crowned! 

Timon Dudaczy, better known as Level 8, is a 24-year-old music producer based near Frankfurt, Germany. The golden era of electronic dance music and his idol Avicii inspired him to get involved in music production – an influence that ultimately gave him his alias. His most important principle is to always retain musical freedom and to create all styles of music.

Emotional vocals, memorable melodies and well-crafted lyrics define JeLa as an artist and songwriter. Born and raised in NYC, she draws inspiration from the diverse and bustling city. Her deep passion for dance music started early in the clubs of NY. Her songwriting credits include over 80 singles in collaboration with producers from around the world with over 15 million combined Spotify streams. In 2022 JeLa stepped out from behind the mic and started her artist project. She is excited for many more upcoming releases with some of her favorite DJs.

MITCH DB is a DJ/Producer settled in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and is one of the most sensational new talents to arise from the urban club-scene. MITCH DB is well known for his outstanding mix of tech house and dance music. With his impossible-to-miss feline touch and presence, he became noticed quickly after his debut in early 2018. Because of his well-going performances, he got the opportunity to be a support act for big names like: Steff da Campo, Mike Williams, Tungevaag, James Hype and many more. In 2019 MITCH DB had the opportunity to play two shows in Thailand and two months in party resort Sunny beach. He played in several clubs for people all over the world. After a long time at home without any show through the coronavirus, he decided to make many tracks to start releasing in 2021. This brings us to January 2021, MITCH DB released his first track on one of the biggest growing labels from 2020 Future House Cloud and he hit 7 million streams on SoundCloud with his outstanding remixes. After two years of covid in 2022 everything started to take off for MITCH DB, he played this year all around the country, did a summer tour, where he played in Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Thailand and he made his debut on the most famous party island of Ibiza. There are a lot of planes for MITCH DB in the future. He is releasing a lot of new music and playing shows all around the world.

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