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Limited Edition Merchandise For Avicii ‘Levels’ Coming Soon

Avicii‘s timeless hit ‘Levels’ continues to resonate with fans worldwide, and now, they have a unique opportunity to celebrate this iconic track through a special merchandise collection. Subscribers of the official Avicii newsletter received exciting news today about the upcoming launch of a limited edition ‘Levels’ merchandise line, set to release in mid-May on Avicii‘s web shop.

In a thoughtful tribute to the song’s tempo, the collection is limited to just 126 units per product, mirroring the track’s BPM. The exclusive range includes a black t-shirt, a flat-brim hat, and a hoodie. Each item encapsulates the enduring charm and timeless appeal of ‘Levels’.

‘Levels’ isn’t just a song for Avicii‘s fans; it’s a near-spiritual experience. Released in 2011, this groundbreaking single catapulted Avicii to stardom, marking the rise of an EDM legend whose life tragically ended in 2018. Despite this, his legacy lives on.

Regarded as one of the most influential EDM tracks ever, ‘Levels’ has continued to be a generational anthem. Since the beginning of 2024, the track has averaged over 530,000 daily streams on Spotify, underscoring its lasting impact.

Fans eager to own a piece of this legacy can sign up for notifications about the ‘Levels’ merchandise collection’s availability here. This limited edition offering is more than just apparel; it’s a homage to Avicii‘s enduring influence in the world of music.

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