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LIZOT, Paradigm, And Bella X Dive Deep Into Their New Single ‘Maserati’!

As LIZOT continue on an upward trajectory & with their international fan base growing with each release, previous singles include the acclaimed ‘Weekend’ ft. Emelie Cyréus (currently hitting 109m+ streams at Spotify) – along with ‘Like A Prayer’ (with Galwaro & Gabry Ponte) and their studio output shows no sign of slowing.

Paradigm also continue to stamp their mark on the industry, with the duo responsible for singles including ‘Wake Me Up In Paris’ and ‘Emotions’ (signed to Soave) & have amassed 200m streams across all platforms). Looking to the future, it’s clear Paradigm have established a winning production formula.

With ‘Maserati’ featuring the vocal talent of Bella X, her previous releases include ‘Sweetest Nightmare’, ‘Aeroplane’, along with the more recent ‘Monsters’ (signed to LoudKult). Combining the production pedigree of LIZOT & Paradigm, in addition to a standout vocal delivery from Bella X ‘Maserati’ has the hallmarks of an anthem, in the making.

Now marking a collaboration between German hitmakers LIZOT with fellow countrymen & production duo Paradigm, they are joined by vocalist Bella X on ‘Maserati’ – delivering a fresh & infectious future player. We had the pleasure of speaking with these artists about a number of topic.

LIZOT, Paradigm & Bella X – welcome to EDMHouseNetwork! How’s ’22 been for each of you so far?
LIZOT: 2022 has been a great year for us so far. After Patrick joined the project last year as our new DJ, we already had many bookings this year. It was also an exciting year musically. We have been able to experiment a lot – from Triple Bass to Tech House. That was a lot of fun in the studio.
Paradigm: So far it has been a very exiting one for us! We signed off our first long-term record deal with the project, had some great sessions and writing trips, and logged and some very promising collabs for the next period and months. We also are moving more into radio pop step by step now which is also a new chapter for us, which we are pushing.
Bella X: 2022 has been super exciting so far. Lots of travelling, song writing and collaborations. I am looking forward to expanding my circle and shaping my craft every year.

Recently releasing your single ‘Maserati’, is this the debut collaboration between you all?
LIZOT: This was already our second collaboration with Paradigm. Bella X joined the team for the first time. We are really excited about her. She’s a Great singer.
Paradigm: Yes, in this setup for sure. We had the pleasure to already put out some successful tunes before with both LIZOT and also BELLA X. We love working with both of them.
Bella X: I actually have already had 3 releases with Paradigm before, but never worked with LIZOT. I am so happy about this collaboration.

When did you start mapping plans out for the record?
LIZOT: I think we started in summer. Patrick from Paradigm had sent me a rough sketch of the song, which we were already excited about and could guess the potential. Then we continued to produce the track and suddenly, it had a completely different drive than at the beginning.
Paradigm: I think it was this summer. I was hitting the studio with BELLA X and another co-writer and we came up with this track after starting a bunch of ideas. I was going home to have Dinner and Drinks with some friends and I was playing some tunes from the last sessions to them. ‘Maserati’ really stuck out and I thought “why not send it to my friends at LIZOT?” – which I did and here we go
Bella X: Maserati came to life this summer. Patrick from Paradigm had this really cool production idea and we were all immediately hooked. It wasn’t hard to get a vision for it and make a cool track together. He then organised the collaboration with LIZOT shortly after that. I am completely in love with how the track turned out and thankful to be a part of it.

With each of you being behind a number of big releases previously, what’s a piece of advice you’d perhaps offer an up & coming artist?
LIZOT: Just do what you feel like and when you are happy with your productions: release it! Every release could open a new door.
Paradigm: You be you. Do not copy too much. Find your own path, of course with the actual trends in mind, but if you don’t feel your music, others won’t as well right?
Bella X: I’d say – just keep going and trust your gut. Find talented people you enjoy working with and don’t give up! It takes time.

Are there plans on a subsequent remix package for ‘Maserati’?
LIZOT: No remixes are planned yet, but who knows what will come 😉
Paradigm: Not for now, but let’s see what the future holds 🙂
Bella X: I’d love if there was one!

Lastly, any further release plans for the rest of this year?
LIZOT: Yes – we have 2 more releases planned for this year. Two exciting collabs – both with triplet bass. We are very excited and looking forward to the releases.
Paradigm: Yes two more indeed, one will drop this week Friday and the next one in December. some more radio driven stuff for sure we are also very excited about
Bella X: I’ve got one more release in December with Swedish dance label Loudkult, it’s called “Drive” and therefore really the perfect follow up for Maserati. 🙂

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