Los Kraits And VLVT GHST Team Up On Fantastic New Single ‘Eyes Closed’!

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Los Kraits And VLVT GHST Team Up On Fantastic New Single ‘Eyes Closed’!

Los Kraits are a DJ duo that was formed in 2020 and comprises of Ricky and Matt. Having previously entered the dance music world as solo artists, the pair come together with experience and talent, ready to take on the dance music world. Having closed out 2021 with ‘Amped’, Los Kraits finally return with their first single of 2022, ‘Eyes Closed’ alongside VLVT GHST.

A unique story behind this single, Los Kraits has originally posted a 15-second snippet to their Instagram story, and immediately VLVT GHST was hooked. He took that 15-second loop and wrote the majority of the lyrics above it, before asking Los Kraits for the entire instrumental to put on the finishing touches. The results are an outstanding dance single, with elements of EDM, deep house, and pop all combined in unison.

Always looking to step outside of their comfort zone, this new single showcases a fresh sound that we’ve not quite heard from Los Kraits yet. Stepping away from the electro and bass house influences shows this duo are super talented within the studio and should be artists to keep a close eye on.

Stream this single below or on your favorite platform here.

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