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LOVESLAP Offer Up Energetic Remix Of ‘Good To Forget’!

Having impressed and set the expectations of their listeners sky high with the release of their debut single, ‘Like A G6’, LOVESLAP are back and they are back with a bang. This time the duo are on remix duty for the Deux Twins and Aviella single ‘Good To Forget’, flipping it from a radio friendly dance single into a peak time electro banger.

As we heard from their debut single, LOVESLAP love to inject their music with a massive amount of energy with a chaotic spin, making sure their listeners heartrate is pumped to the max and this remix of more of the same. Expertly taking elements from the original and making them their own, this duo deliver an anthem that is yet another incredible addition to their catalog.

The duo of LOVESLAP, consisting of the dynamic Sophia Lin and Alex Dynamix, has garnered a reputation for their electrifying performances across the US and globally, sharing stages with renowned artists like Tiesto and Marshmello. Known for their dedication to crafting big room anthems and feel-good tracks, LOVESLAP combines pulsating beats with euphoric melodies and eclectic sounds. Their latest offering continues their legacy of producing music that’s not only vibrant and energetic but also emotionally resonant, ensuring an unforgettable auditory experience that epitomizes the spirit of EDM festivals.

Stream this remix below.

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