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Lucas & Steve Talk About ‘Anywhere With You’, Releasing Their Album During The Pandemic, Being Back On Stage & More!

You guys just dropped your brand new single ‘Anywhere With You’ together with Afrojack and. How happy are you with the finished product?
Lucas: We’re really hyped about this track finally being released. We’ve worked on this for quite some time actually, together with Afrojack and Dubvision, and it’s really great to see how the track progressed through all the stages of production, and how it became the track it is today. It’s incredible and we’re super thrilled that it’s out now.

This is the first time that you’ve worked on a single with both Afrojack and Dubvision. How was the process and how do you feel you worked with them?
Steve: Well, obviously they are very, very talented in the studio, but also, live. This was always a big, big thing for us for working with Afrojack, and we know the guys from Dubvision already for quite longer. We received an email from Afrojack it kinda just started as a demo of this track, and we were immediately blown away by those amazing vocals. He did some really cool things with chords and melodies so we were super thrilled, and then, yeah, we actually started working on it, we want to do to try to give it to Lucas & Steve sound, kind of our own signature sound, which is obviously a little bit more poppy than progressive house. We tried to give it a nice blend and together with the guys from Dubvision, it sounds like all three of the names included are combined in the track so we all did our thing with the track and it makes it even more special and makes us even more proud to release a song like this.

It’s quite a hard task to combine 3 styles together, was it hard to do so?
Steve: Yes, it actually took quite some time to blend it all together because sometimes when you’re in the studio and you work on this track, then it could be that you work on it for, for a very long time and then you go maybe the wrong direction and that was absolutely not the case with this track he just, we work on it, all three also together, and then this is the result and that makes it super special for us also.

You recently just played your first show back after so many months, how did it feel to be back?
Lucas: I mean it felt really incredible being back and a little bit, you know, crazy being on stage again at some point you start to doubt whether there will even be a time when we would be on stage again. But no, this was incredible, we did one of our first shows back which was in the Netherlands, the second one in France, and that was crazy man. The things we always felt that our fanbase, and fans of dance music, aren’t going anywhere, they’re just waiting for the right moment to go out again, to party again, to unite and dance to ours and other DJs music, and that’s exactly what happened. As soon as there is a party now it’s like people have been waiting literally for one and a half years building up their energy and giving it all. As soon as there’s some party to dance at, and that’s a beautiful thing to see right now. So yeah, it felt amazing and the energy was huge.

Have you guys been working on a lot of new music for the return of festivals and shows?
Steve: Yeah, we’ve been working on new stuff for almost two years now so we have a lot of new tracks in the pipeline and waiting on our computer to release. This track is actually not quite one of those tracks because we’ve worked on it for quite some time but not like two years. So, it felt good to release this track, because the title says it all, anywhere with you, it’s just that, what Luke has already said that united feeling being back together and then with your best friends, your partner, or whatever, and that’s what makes this track the best track for this moment to release for us and Afrojack, and Dubvision all agreed on this by releasing it now. And I think also our fans need that euphoric kind of feeling that everybody inspires to go out again, and that’s what we try to achieve with making this track.

Let’s take it back a year. You released your debut album during the pandemic, was the process for this different compared to your usual singles, or was it the same?
Lucas: Um, you know, it’s really hard to tell, I can only explain based on like knowledge and theory because this is the first album we’ve ever released, so we never did an album in a non-COVID period. I know a lot of artists release an album, and they do an album tour for example, so that’s kind of the thing to come from an album is to tour afterward so we had a lot of, discussions about this with our management and our record label and all the artists, well should we wait for the album to drop and, you know, then do a huge album tour and everything or are we just going to drop it for the sake of dance music in these, these horrible, horrible times. And we decided to do the last option, we felt like if everybody’s going to keep stacking their music for a period after COVID then it’s going to be an incredibly boring, even more, boring year if nobody is releasing music so we decided to do that anyway and I mean differences we couldn’t do a lot of like radio promo abroad, which was, of course, a pity but there were worse things in the world, we felt like it was the right time to release that album, and we’re super happy that we did. The album became super successful, it got the gold status soon within a couple of weeks and stuff like that, which is amazing still. And you know we made the album with our hearts, it’s full of songs that we really felt like writing and we felt like we need to put out as soon as possible. So yeah, it was a lot different, I guess then you know releasing an album during non-COVID times where you can do all the promo, do all the shows around it, but I’m pretty sure that we’re going to do a second album, at some point, you know, let’s just make sure that by then there will be that huge album tour that we’ve been waiting for, and that’s fine also.

Although you might not be doing an album tour, are yous still excited to be playing all those songs that you released on pandemic to a live crowd?
Steve: Yes of course. While we’re working on tracks you can just see the crowds, you can imagine how this would work on a festival also with anywhere with you, you just imagine a big crowd. 20, 30, 50 thousand people on a field just dancing and having a good time. That’s always how we make our music, so we absolutely cannot wait for the green light, and jump on stage, finally playing music and playing songs and doing shows.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Is there anything you’d like to announce with our readers?
Steve: Yes, we’ve got a lot of stuff but we cannot tell. Our main focus is on our collab with Afrojack and Dubvision, we hope everyone enjoys it.

Check out the official music video for ‘Anywhere With You’ below.

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