Lucas & Steve Talk Unreleased Festival Productions, Dance Classic Reworks, Music Output & More!

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Lucas & Steve Talk Unreleased Festival Productions, Dance Classic Reworks, Music Output & More!

Internationally acclaimed DJ/producer duo Lucas & Steve has revamped one of the biggest songs from the 90’s, transforming Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ into a hot blooded piece of dance music. Featuring the vocals in a fresh, re-recorded version, the track blends its timeless R&B sound with sturdy house rhythms and warm piano chords. It’s a classic taken to new heights, teaming up two different acts, as well as the sound from two different decades, turning into something quite unique – available now on all streaming platforms.

We had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Lucas & Steve to talk about their new release and more. Check it out below!

Let’s kick it off with your new single, ‘No Diggity’. How happy are you with the finished product? 
“You can imagine we’re extremely excited to work with the legends from blackstreet. We worked on that track for a long time so it feels great that it’s finally out!”

This release sees you team up with the legendary Blackstreet to reimagine their classic. How was it to work alongside an iconic act that isn’t connected fully to the dance music scene?
“Super interesting! We re-recorded No Diggity’s vocal with them. It’s really cool to see how they work with their old-skool hiphop vibe. The combination between that and house-music really feels like something special.”

‘No Diggity’ and your 2017 release ‘Up Till Dawn’ showcases your ability to bring old tracks into a modern age. How is it to be reimagining these singles for new fans that may not have been aware of the original?
“Some tracks are just timeless. They contain elements that just keep on working well and can really be revived by adding and producing a new track around it.”

If you guys were to touch another classic and put it into a 2021 spin, which one would you choose?
“We’ve got plenty of ideas for that, but we’ll keep those secret for now;-)”

In the reverse of that, which classic tracks do you enjoy on a personal level that you feel like you might not want to touch?
“I don’t think there is a really strong limit that you shouldn’t touch. If you have a good idea for a classic track, why not work it out? I think that if tracks get revived with a new version, it’s a compliment to the classic.”

We last spoke just under 1 year ago about the release of ‘Letters’. Since then you guys have dropped your very first album. How long had you guys been working behind the scenes to put the whole album together?
“Most work was done working towards the albums for about 1.5 years. But we planned it a long time before that.”

Even with a massive album you have continued to drop new singles. How do you manage to keep such a high output in the studio?
“The trick is, we both produce and we ALWAYS produce. We just love doing this and we can work simultaneously in our two studio situated next to each other.”

1 year on from the cancellation of shows across the world and with a vaccine rollout in process, what are you looking forward to the most when shows return?
“The whole feeling of connecting with our fans on stage. We’ve missed them so much! We just wanna share our music, our passion with them as soon as possible. A couple of weeks ago we played at a heavily controlled COVID-testevent (everybody was tested before, during and after the show and many precautions were taken. This resulted in 0 infections) for about 1400 people for the first time again. This really gave us goosebumps and made us realize even more how much we miss this.”

Although you have released an album and numerous singles in the past year, are you sitting on some special music that deserves a crowd for the first play?
“Definitely. We’re creating so many club/festival-tracks at the moment! We can’t wait to play those live!!”

With the return of shows and touring, is there anything you’ll miss from lockdown and life from the past year?
“Yes, it’s been so good to be closer to our friends and family for a while. Also the great amount of studiotime is something we got used to easily.”

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to answer these questions!
“Thanks for having us! Hope to see you soon.”

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