LUNCHBAUX Releases Stunning Remix Of ‘Anything Anymore’!

US based artist LUNCHBAUX is a relative new comer in the music production scene. However, that does not take away from his talent and creativity as his two uploads on Soundcloud are filled with quality. A product of burning out on the hardcore punk scene and mind altering experimentation, he plans to bring you a dynamic brand of dystopian dance that you’ve never heard before. When you take a listen to his first single ‘Results’, you can trust the previous statement.

LUNCHBAUX takes the progressive house track from LZRD ‘Anything Anymore’ and completely flips it on it’s head. He slows down the tempo with break beat elements and as you progress through the remix you find yourself taken on a journey. Creative synth work takes up the majority of this track which puts it onto a high quality level with the producer incorporating the vocals on top seamlessly.
LUNCHBAUX makes a statement that you should keep an eye on him with this remix.

Stream this single below.

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