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LupoBianco Releases Instantly Memorable Single ‘Like a Controller’ ft. ARI!

A 25-year-old artist born in Naples, Italy, LupoBianco made his debut in 2021 with the release of ‘So High’. A tremendous debut single, LupoBianco made the perfect first impression and set expectations very high for what was to come. Not slipping under the pressure that he set with his first single, the Italian artist followed it up with two incredible releases titled ‘Tell Me Truth’ and ‘Love Dreams’. Now after proving that the first hit wasn’t a fluke, LupoBianco is back to close out 2022 on a high with the release of ‘Like a Controller’ featuring ARI.

Much like the releases that came before, ‘Like a Controller’ is an instantly addictive and catchy single built around the beautiful vocals of ARI. A single with a particular meaning for LupoBianco, this one is about taking control of your situation and life, much like a controller of a video game. Going through a bad time during the pandemic, LupoBianco picked himself up, returned to his feet and demonstrated that with one’s willpower, courage and determination, new goals can be achieved. Yet another amazing release, LupoBianco certainly shows us why he should be on everyone’s ones to watch lists in 2023.

Stream this single below.

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