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Lutez & SATOJI Link Up Once Again On Hard-Hitting ‘FJB’!

Coming together for a collaboration can be one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of making and releasing music as an artist. This can be the case as when two artists come together not only do they share ideas, but they also share styles and critiques, resulting in fresh and new productions that might not have been possible if working alone. Two acts who have proved time and time again that collaborations can be amazing are the exciting pairing of Lutez and SATOJI.

Lutez, pronounced Loots, are a pair of brothers (KNUX & DJ Ryuji) who are DJ & Hard Music Producers from Kanagawa Japan & New York USA. Releasing music for over 7 years now, the duo have perfected their own signature style and have dipped their toes into genres such as trap, psytrance, big room, and hardstyle, excelling in each one.

SATOJI is a very versatile artist, being a guitarist for GOODBYE TO THE HERO along with a producer and engineer, mostly working within the genres of post-hardcore, metalcore, Djent, and hardcore. This versatility has led him to be one of the brightest acts in the hard dance and trap scene, blending elements of metal and rock with trap and hard dance.

Having linked up for 3 previous releases, Lutez and SATOJI have proved to be a match made in heaven and they continue their epic string of collabs with the hard-hitting ‘FJB’. Much like their previous releases together, this duo brings us a form of hard trap that is sure to blow your mind. Incorporating rock and metal elements into their productions makes for a super fresh and interesting take on the hard trap genre, making us cry for more when listening to this one.

Stream this single below.

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