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Lyonbrotherz Drop Huge Collab With Greenskiez On League Of Lyons!

The duo of Lyonbrotherz ended 2018 on a high with the release of their single ‘Liberty’. We have been waiting patiently for their next release and we are not disappointed as they make their return to League Of Lyons with a collaboration together with German native Greenskiez. Lyonbrotherz like to bring out a hard hitting sound as evident by their releases ‘Space’ and ‘Sonic’ , and this time they show case that same style but in a very creative way.

‘Hit The Floor’ takes on a slower tempo compared to their previous releases but it is far from lacking in energy. The catchy vocal sample used through out helps to make this a memorable single and as we progresses through the track, the anticipation is increased very well to make us excited for the drop. Once the drop hits we are blown away by thumping bass lines and rhythmic patterns that are sure to get your speakers shaking. Lyonbrotherz and Greenskiez are making a statement with this single, you should keep an close eye on them.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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