Madmon Delivers With Anthemic Progressive House Single ‘Vision’!

Madmon Delivers With Anthemic Progressive House Single ‘Vision’!

Madmon is a rising artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. His musical journey began in 2010 when the young producer was first inspired by Swedish House Mafia. By 2015, Madmon was attending events as a fan and later that same year he began producing his own music for the very first time. After just one year, he was forced to give up producing due to his other commitments, but just three years later, he found himself back in the game once again, fully focused and ready to change the face of the industry. By October 2018, Madmon had released his first-ever track, ‘Journey’, which kick-started the beginning of his own journey to stardom.

Since then, Madmon has gone on to deliver 10 stellar original tracks, further proving to be one of the brightest talents to come from the country of Israel. With each release, he showcases a fresh and unique side of himself as a producer, expertly and seamlessly shifting through genres and styles with ease. His catalog contains the likes of psytrance, dubstep, progressive house, big room house, hardstyle, bass house, and anything else that may fall in between those styles. His passion, diversity, and talent with the studio has led to some amazing productions and his latest is no different.

Titled ‘Visions’, his brand new single brings that highly energetic and powerful mainstage flavor while also showcasing a melodic and euphoric tone that makes this a truly spectacular release. Instantly addictive melodies is the main attraction of this single but its in the subtle elements where this one shines, as Madmon utilizes atmospheric vocals to add depth while the underbelly of rhythmic drum work carries the groove. Another amazing release, Madmon is certainly not finished as he plans to deliver more and more new music for us in the coming months.

Stream this single below.

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