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Mambo Brothers Talk About Their Career Highlights, Inspirations, Dream Collabs & More!

If you’ve ever been to Ibiza before, the Mambo Brothers will certainly be a name that rings a bell. San Antonio legends, Christian and Alan Anadon have been a mainstay in the Ibiza scene for years now and have been an integral part of the rise of Cafe Mambo on the party isle. We had the pleasure of speaking with the duo about a number of topics.

Hey Mambo Brothers, thanks for your time, how are you doing?
Hey guys, thank you for having us! We’re doing great and excited about all the projects coming up this year. The Ibiza summer season is around the corner!

You grew up at Cafe Mambo listening to some of the best DJs, is there any one DJs in particular who you think has had the biggest impact on your own music style?
There are so many! Pete Tong, Luciano, Nic Fanciulli, Louie Vega, Roger Sanchez, Simon Dunmore, Keinemusic and so many more.

Are there any styles you haven’t dipped your toes into, yet you’d like to explore?
We’ve grown up with so many different genres around us but we believe our current sound fits best with who we are and where we come from, and that’s very important for us; to show our personality behind the decks. There are many styles we love, and we listen to lots of different genres, but we mostly play house music with Balearic influences, which encompasses some afro sounds, latin sounds and electronic.

What would be 1 dream collab in dance music and outside of dance music for you?
Alan: Music wise, we could say a dream collab would be with the South African singer and songwriter Toshi. Love what she is doing.
Christian: And outside of dance music, you are speaking with a food lover – maybe Santiago Lastra, a great Mexican chef behind Kol in London.

You are known for being successful DJs as well as successful entrepreneurs through Grupo Mambo, how do you balance your DJ life and your entrepreneurial life?
It’s not always easy but we have managed to keep a balanced life and with the help of a good team we can make our ideas a reality.
Of course, there are times of the year when we are more focused on Grupo Mambo and then there are times when we go on tour and DJ in for example Bali, Sweden, or Miami. Lucky us, we are born in Ibiza, the ‘mecca’ of electronic music, so we don’t have far to go to play at some of the best places in the world in summer!

What has been your top career highlight so far in your journey as DJs? And as entrepreneurs?
As DJs there are quite a few, all sets have something special. We’ll never forget playing in Miami on NYE, it was incredible to play in the same venues where we’ve seen loads of other huge DJs playing. We also loved playing for NYE this year in Dubai with Caiiro… as well as several times at Tomorrowland… we also went on an Australian tour…difficult to name just one!
As entrepreneurs, a continuous highlight is to see how our businesses are being loved and enjoyed by everyone who come! With a 100% family-owned business like Grupo Mambo, we put a lot of love and energy into all our venues. We love creating new concepts and getting great feedback from everyone is the best part.

What’s this new year looking like? Anything, in particular, you are most excited about? Can we expect new music?
A lot is happening at the moment, both music-wise and business-wise. We’ll be performing at Tomorrowland again which is always an amazing opportunity and exciting crowd to play for. We are also joining FISHER for his festival in Malta and have some other nice gigs lined up. We’ve also got some music in the making and will definitely keep you posted on that!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, do you guys have anything that would like to add?
Come find us in Ibiza this year! You can usually find us at Casa Maca, Cala Gracioneta, Hostal La Torre, and of course Café Mambo for great sunset vibes, and sometimes ever to see us perform. Otherwise find us at Tomorrowland or one of the other upcoming gigs. Either way, we’ll keep you up to date with everything Mambo Brothers via our Instagram @mambobrothers

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