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Marc Antonix Welcomes Listeners Into New Dimension With ‘All For You’!

When it comes to electronic dance music, many artists always find their comfort zone and stick within it, pleasing their loyal fans who are expecting a certain style with each and every release. As time has gone on, many listeners of electronic dance music have become tired of the same old style and have ventured out for something a little out of the ordinary. In steps Marc Antonix, an artist who with each and every release intends to push the envelope, and when you take a listen to his vast catalog of releases, you can’t argue that he does just that. Over 7 years of releasing music has led to styles such as progressive house, big room house, future house, drum and bass, and dubstep among others. Now for his 3rd release of 2022, Marc Antonix returns to our new music feeds with a blistering release titled ‘All For You’, a single that blends future house, electro house, and future rave, creating a unique and fresh sound that we’ve not quite heard of before.

As the gentle chimes and low-tempo frequencies begin phasing in and out of the background, ‘All For You’ slowly lulls into a state of relaxation. With stunning soundscapes and powerful vocal melodies taking flowing immaculately, a fury of drum claps lead into a mesmerizing melody crafted with futuristic instrumentals in mind. Marc Antonix is opening the doors into his world of experimental sound as multiple sample instrumentals are transitioned smoothly throughout the track. With vibrant frequencies flowing around melodic basslines, we may just want to live in Antonix’s world of pure exploration and enhanced sound design with his new summer-ready single.

Stream this single below.

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