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Marc O’rell, Feier & Eis, And Tessa Maynard Rock The House With New Single ‘Feel It’!

Marc O’rell is a German electronic music producer who has an insatiable passion for music and technology that has enabled him to make certified and dynamic EDM tracks that contain elements of electronic pop, future and tech house tracks. For his latest outing, Marc O’rell teams up with fellow German duo Feier & Eis to deliver a driving house single titled ‘Feel It’ with Tessa Maynard on vocal duty.

Feier & Eis are no strangers to the dance music scene, having made regular appearances in clubs and festivals along with releasing their own songs and remixes since 2019. Making up the third part of this single is the vocalist Tessa Maynard, a singer, producer, and label owner of Mystery Freedom Network and Mystery Freedom Records.

The tune ‘Feel It’, released on Mystery Freedom Network, is just as the title suggests. The production is stupendous as Marc O’rell and Feier & Eis create an exceptionally radiant soundscape that showcases the striking musicianship and keen ear for sound design. The shimmering instrumentation jumps at a listener with an astonishing blend of the Indian Pungi rhythmic element and the groove tech house style melody that is reminiscent of FISHER and James Hype’s own magical creations.

Taking the more recognized elements of modern dance music, while offering a subtle yet unique twist, Marc O’rell and Feier & Eis are making sure this is a refreshing banger as they incorporate a slap a groove tech house-Esque synths while adding the pungi groovy instrument and the female vocals of Tessa Maynard to add that sense of versatility and hoy in this resounding performance that brings ‘Feel It’ to new heights.

This is the track to lose yourself to as you move with wild abandon to its infectious blend of beats and synths. It is energetic and effortlessly catchy- one definitely not to miss which is why you should endeavor to follow these talented artists on the attached socials and experience firsthand what they have to offer.

Stream this single below.

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