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Marsal Ventura And Jbill Shake Up The Dance Floors With The Tech Mix Of ‘Amanecer’!

What happens when you mix two worlds that are apparently alien? That is the question that Marsal Ventura asks himself to come up with some of his biggest hits, and in this latest production, he confirms the effectiveness of his formula. Together with Jbill, they have created the new viral hit baptized under the name ‘Amanecer’, a track destined to conquer the dance floors around the world with the help of the biggest DJs, like Wade, the reference of this new wave of Spanish Tech House, who’s already supporting it in his latest sets.

In this new single from the union of the two producers, we see how medieval guitars merge with flamenco vocals to end in an acid and corrosive drop. Three minutes of a hypnotic Tech House rhythm that encourages everyone who listens to dance. A pairing of musical genres that radiates energy and positivity to welcome the sun, whether it’s waking up to face a new day, or dancing to the last beats of the party of your life.

In addition to this powerful Tech Mix, ‘Amanecer’ also has two more versions: the original and the Demotone remix that takes the song by Marsal Ventura and Jbill to darker and deeper grounds.

Are you ready to discover how they sound? Listen to them all on the main streaming platforms through Marsal‘s label Addicting Records.

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