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MARSTER Delivers With Another Electronic Pop Gem ‘Paralyzed’ With Emarie!

Having just opened up his catalog for 2022 with the amazing ‘Emptiness Remains’, anonymous producer MARSTER is back with yet another brilliant piece of electronic pop in the form of ‘Paralyzed’ alongside Emarie.

For those who don’t know, MARSTER is a rising producer who doesn’t show his face to let the music do the talking. With this anonymous approach, listeners are left to listen to the music and only the music. Although they may wonder who is behind the mask, they are left focusing on his releases. Over the past few years, MARSTER has showcased his talents with his releases, firmly cementing his style as a blend of electronic music and pop music.

This style is evident once again with the release of ‘Paralyzed’ alongside Emarie. MARSTER lets the vocals of Emarie take center stage but not without backing them up with sultry pop-friendly synths. As the single progresses, MARSTER brings more electronic influences into the production with a four-on-the-floor beat and uplifting progressive and electro-styled topline synths being introduced in the drop. Blending all of these elements together proved to be a masterstroke as the overall single then blends electronic and pop, resulting in a final product that we have come to love from this emerging artist.

Stream this single below.

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