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MARSTER Releases ‘At Night’ World Wide Together With Netherland Based Nimi Records!

‘At Night’ is a catchy and strong melody-based dance track with a dark feeling, it really grows the more you hear it.

Actually it all started last year with a broken leg and a lot of time sitting still. Suddenly this former music video director’s music ideas came to life, a couple of weeks later 4 songs were done. He got the taste for it and continued, a couple of months later he had a record deal and a part of a song appearing in a commercial.

MARSTER describes his music like an electronic mix of dance and pop inspired by the ’90s with a taste of catchy melodies and touching vocals.

Throughout thIS production, the artist introduces elements of their signature style that will be built upon with each release. Kicking off the track with a simple yet effective bassline and kick loop, MARSTER then introduces female vocals that compliment the instrumental nicely. As the track progresses, MARSTER adds more and more soothing and elegant synths into the mix which brings the track quality up higher. The main section hits and uplifting synths are combined with the previously mentioned female vocals and this tops the track off perfectly. If you haven’t already, you should add MARSTER to your favorites lists.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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