Maurya Sevak Drops A Bomb In The Form Of ‘See It’!

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Maurya Sevak Drops A Bomb In The Form Of ‘See It’!

With a fearsome passion, dedication, and talent that mark him out from his contemporaries, 16- year-old Toronto-based producer Maurya Sevak is, without doubt, one of the EDM scene’s youngest rising stars.

Mesmerized by Armin Van Buuren‘s Tomorrowland set in 2018, Maurya’s musical path was set – to stand on the shoulders of the greats of EDM that have gone before him, but to take the music in a direction that is truly his own. Having spent countless hours honing his production skills over the past three years, Maurya blends a multitude of sub-genres to create fields of uplifting energy while emotionally elevating his listeners.

Maurya Sevak released a barrage of tracks over the summer months of 2021, racking up tens of thousands of streams and thousands of fans. Now he follows these up with new track ‘See It’. A Showcase for Maurya’s distinctive style, this new track features vibrant melodies and emotional vocals, undercut with thunderous rhythms, and soaring drops; this is a sound precision-engineered for festival stages.

Out now, ‘See It’ is a huge statement of intent – reminding us that Maurya Sevak is a name that will be impossible to ignore before long.

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