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Mc Culprit Shares His Struggle On A Unique Way Through His Latest Release ‘Self’ That Leaves His Listeners Hooked!

Rapper MC Culprit, a Kiwi/Irish, was born and raised in New Zealand’s Southside. He is a committed artist that wants to change the culture of rap in New Zealand for the better. Deep and emotional, MC Culprit‘s music has numerous lines that allude to his past as a troubled adolescent who was incarcerated at a young age. Although MC Culprit has battled the system and experienced many disappointments, he strives to never let these hardships stop him from pursuing his dreams.

His love of rap and electronic dance music inspired Mc Culprit‘s most recent song, ‘Self’. Mc Culprit aspired to break new ground by becoming the youngest rapper to rap over electronic dance music. In his song ‘Self’, Mc Culprit discussed his struggles in a special way that left his audience feeling both heartbroken and energized at the same time.

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