MEGAN And Single Spark Unite On Amazing Release ‘Toxic’!

MEGAN And Single Spark Unite On Amazing Release ‘Toxic’!

An art form on its own, creating music that can instantly grab your attention is a super tough task for producers these days yet both MEGAN and Single Spark seemingly can’t stop doing so. With both artists rising in the dance music scene since they made their debuts in 2017, their catalog of releases have gone on to dominate the streaming world with both artists gaining over 1 million streams on multiple releases. Now combining their talents for something special, MEGAN and Single Spark unite for the very first time to bring us the amazing release titled ‘Toxic’.

A track made by two artists who know exactly how to make a hit and it’s no surprise that this one is much of the same. Utilizing a slower tempo than usual for dance tracks, MEGAN and Single Spark put the emphasis on the amazing melodies, synths, and vocals throughout and it makes for a super addictive and unique track. Making sure the vocals take center stage in the right parts, the smart synth work and structure throughout compliments the vocals perfectly but doesn’t make them the only aspect that grabs the listener’s attention, and when all elements come together it makes for something special.

Stream this single below and on all other streaming platforms here.

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