Met Fish Closes The Year With A Massive 4-Track EP Titled ‘Universe’!

Met Fish Closes The Year With A Massive 4-Track EP Titled ‘Universe’!

Having been on this journey since 2007, Met Fish brings his experience and talent to each and everything he does, making his mark on the trance scene for over a decade now. Being inspired by the likes of Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk led to Met Fish pursuing a career within the electronic dance music scene and there’s no doubt that it was the right decision. With 2 EP’s behind him, the trance artist has decided to close out 2021 in the right way with a huge 4-track EP titled ‘Universe’.

For Met Fish, ‘Universe’ is an alternative reality where he can express himself freely through music and when you take a listen to each single you can hear it’s an artist in his element. The EP kicks off in style with ‘Cosmic Silence 2’, a track that was conceived a few months before the pandemic. An uplifting single packed to the brim with energy and euphoria, this one is the perfect start to this EP.

The EP then continues with ‘Pleiades’, a full instrumental single that continues the uplifting euphoria from the previous single. Almost removed from the EP before release, Met Fish decided his fans must hear this one and we’re delighted he made this decision. ‘Orion’ then takes center stage as the Italian artist strives for a more vocal-driven single but, as expected, he pairs this with elevating synths and sounds that compliment each other perfectly.

The EP is then closed out in sublime fashion with ‘Andromeda’. As if the EP couldn’t get taken to the next level, Met Fish lays this one up for us. In a change of inspiration, the Italian incorporates sounds from funk and gothic music, leading to an amazing style that we’ve not quite heard of before. If 2022 kicks off for Met Fish as this year ended, we are in for a treat, so make sure you follow Met Fish and keep a close eye on his new releases.

Stream this EP below.

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