MEZIAH Delivers With Dance Smash ‘Hate That I Love You’ On Xploded Music!

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MEZIAH Delivers With Dance Smash ‘Hate That I Love You’ On Xploded Music!

After impressing with their incredible debut single ‘Sunrise’ in 2020, UK-based MEZIAH are back with another piece of magic in the form of ‘Hate That I Love You’, released via Xploded Music. Although only their second single, MEZIAH are no strangers to the electronic dance music scene as the duo consists of two members of LMC, who had the massive hit single ‘Take Me To The Clouds Above’. With this kind of experience under their belt, MEZIAH know exactly how to craft a smash hit and ‘Hate That I Love You’ proves just that.

Xploded Music is a UK-based record label distributed by Universal Music Group, set up in late 2018 by Cris Nuttall and Matt Cadman, former founders of All Around The World (AATW), one of the UK’s most successful independent labels over the past 30 years. The current Xploded roster includes a diverse range of chart-topping acts including Loud Luxury, Ben Nicky, Armin van Buuren, PBH & Jack, Darren Styles, Yolanda be Cool, Leony, ARTY, Sunset Bros, LMC, and more with MEZIAH fitting right in with those names in terms of quality.

With their debut single ‘Sunrise’ still climbing in streams at over 1 million, ‘Hate That I Love You’ is the perfect follow-up. Showcasing a more pop-dance side to their vision, ‘Hate That I Love You’ uses an infectious piano hook throughout and combines it with a memorable vocal sample that will be in your mind for hours on end. MEZIAH knocks it out of the park with this incredible single and we can’t wait to hear more from them!

Stream this single below.

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